Six Apps to Help With Your Tax

Shoeboxed App

Keeping your finances together day to day can be a chore. Often it’s time consuming and complex. Fortunately, there are some great apps out there designed to keep you organised and well prepared for tax time.



The Shoeboxed app app helps with the task of recording and cataloguing your receipts. You simply take a photo of your receipt and the app will extract the important information, catalogue it and send it to you in an email. All your receipts are on file on your phone so you don’t have to keep them in a shoebox. It’s free to try but you only get 5 free receipts a month before you have to pay for the app.

IOS & Android, free and paid versions

Australian Income Tax Calculator

It’s easy to find free tools online to calculate your income tax but it’s rare to find one that takes into account deductions as well. This tool does just that and it’s simple to use.

iOS, $0.99

Tax Australia With BAS

At $25 this is one of the more expensive apps around but it also does a lot. It can generate a BAS statement, calculate PAYG, track multiple income streams and expenses and generate profit & loss reports. Although it can’t replace an accountant, it can certainly give you a quick overview of your business finances.

IOS & Android, $25

Aussie Driving Log

A simple app that helps you track your km’s when driving for work. You don’t have to cart a log book around or do any math in your head.

iOS, $0.99

Android Time Card

If you charge by the hour, it can be hard to keep track of how much time you spend on a job. Android Time Card does exactly that, so you know exactly how much to charge.

Android, $3.73

Service M8

Ideal for sole traders or service industries, this app helps you keep track of jobs from client details, quotes, emails, instant texts & payment. It also integrates with MYOB. At the low low price of free for 20 jobs a month, I’d give a whirl!


If you need professional tax advice or services don’t hesitate to contact us. As much as I love these apps, nothing can replace a certified accountant!

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