Our Clients

We make our clients happy!

We pride ourselves on delivering quality service to individuals and businesses around Newcastle, the Hunter and Central Coast. Here are just a few people who are very happy with our services!

Jacqui Hogan

Jacqui was referred to us by her employer, who wanted to ensure that she had the financial foundations in place now, to help her in the future. We worked with Jacqui to determine her short and long terms goals and then set up the strong foundations to leverage off in her future.

Brian and Denise Plews

Brian and Denise have been clients for many years. They were referred to us from their mortgage broker for some pre-retirement advice. One of Brian and Denise’s major goals was to own a motor home for retirement. Through working out a plan that suited their financial position and goals they have been able to achieve this before they have actually retired.


Experiencing a life changing isn’t easy and can be filled with big decisions that can be daunting.

Kerri was able to navigate through the unknown and make long term plans to ensure she was set for life and what the future brings for herself and two boys.

Mel Dafo

Mel and her husband, were referred to us through our pro bono work with the Cancer Council. He had a terminal diagnosis and the couple wanted to review their financial position. We were able to help them to access superannuation early, as well as create plan a for the future to come.