Life & Income Insurance

Have you considered what would happen to you or your family if something happened to you?

For example, if you were injured and couldn’t work for an extended period could you:

  • Maintain your lifestyle?
  • Continue paying off your debts?
  • Hold onto your hard-earned savings?
  • Afford medical costs or care?

If you’re not already insured we highly recommend taking out insurance. Insurance is vital to protecting your wealth and we can help you to take out a policy that suits you.

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We also offer flat rates for high income earners that can save you thousands of dollars every year.

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The Stats

There is nearly a 50 per cent chance for women and over 50 per cent chance for men that you will suffer a critical illness, injury or death before the age of 70.

One third of women and one quarter of men will get cancer at some stage in their lifetime and have to take time off work. Of these, only half will live longer than five years after diagnosis.

These statistics are sobering, and with good reason. We don’t try to scare our clients but we do want them to face reaility and ensure they are properly insured.

Here are some of our clients who have seen the true value in life insurance.

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