Wealth Builder

You are juggling, balancing a great lifestyle with your financial and career commitments.

You have been reflecting on some of your previous experiences, paying down debt and thinking about what to do next.

We love working with you to share the Pathway to Wealth Strategy series, where you can set up a series of strategies, all with a long-term payoff, that can open up more choices for you to decide how much you work and when you will stop, because we don’t depend on the age pension, and we don’t depend on the access date for your superannuation.

You choose your budget, and we can show you how to split your budget up and share it over a range of strategies to make sure that your story has a slow burn on multiple strategies with long pay off periods.

The plan is to have access to a passive income at a time in the future when you choose to work less, and live more. But you have to start building the assets early enough that time can help you build your wealth.

Pathway to Wealth ™ created by Director of GPS Wealth, Rob McGregor achieved recognition as a 2009 Finalist of the Asset Innovation Awards hosted by the Australian Financial Review focuses on a simple, structured and successful way of building wealth for retirement.

Choose a financial future for yourself that you want.

  • Build your assets
  • Bridge the gap between the value of your assets, and the lifestyle that you would prefer to have when you are financially independent
  • Investment Property
  • Shares
  • Managed Funds
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Thinking about adopting six different wealth building strategies can seem the impossible. That’s why we’re here to help. Rather than focusing on one aspect before moving to the next, we give you the confidence and tools to manage your pathway to wealth. Meet our clients who have started on their pathway.

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