Xero Fuss Accounting Software!

We have recently begun using Xero and we’re quite impressed! Xero has a number of features that can make managing and keeping track of your accounts easy. If you are a sole trader, small business or travel a lot this could software could make your life easier.


Available Anywhere

Because Xero is cloud based you can access it from any location with internet access. You don’t need to install software, just log onto their website. You can also access an app so you can check your accounts on your phone. The drawback is that you always need an internet connection to access Xero, which could be a big issue for some people.


User Friendly

Business accounts are complicated but Xero have done an excellent job of automating much of the process. This means you’ll spend a lot less time entering data. They have also put a lot of work into making the program as intuitive as possible.  This is one of the major differences we saw with Xero and we think it will appeal to anyone  who likes to take control and keep a close eye on their accounts.


Add Ons

Xero have allowed third parties to create software that integrates with theirs. If you sell something in your point of sale program, it will automatically update Xero. You also get a choice of programs for each function. This allows you to use the programs that best suit your type of business.


If you are interested in Xero software, we can help you decide if it will suit your business, or you can try it out with their free 30 day trial.

Check out their video:


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