Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from the Insight Wealth Planning Team


As the festive season unfolds, the Insight Wealth Planning team—Simon, Tabitha, Tegan, Kate, Jordan, Erin, Josh, Kat, Laura, Laura, Liz, Taylor and Sarah—extends heartfelt wishes to our valued clients and the community. As we wrap up a busy year, we reflect on our growth and achievements, welcoming new members and celebrating personal milestones.

Highlights of Our Year

This year marked significant growth for Insight Wealth Planning. We expanded our team with the addition of Kate McArthur, Laura Bastian, Taylor Gillett, and Sarah Lane. We also celebrated the arrival of baby Quinn, born to Liz Abbott and her partner Matt Dorman in May 2023. Congratulations Tegan Delmoro on being awarded Emerging Adviser of the year and finalist Client outcome of the year award , Diverger Licensee Awards 2023, and finalist Young adviser of the year IFA 2023, Jordan Porter, Practice Support of the year, Diverger Licensee Awards 2023, and finalist Women in finance awards, Administrator of the year 2023. Tabitha Tworek, Winner of Diverger Adviser of the Year 2023, Diverger Licensee Awards 2023, and Winner of Client outcome award 2023, Finalist Women in finance Awards, Practice Principal of the year 2023. Simon Tworek finalist Adviser of the year Diverger Licensee Awards 2023.

Economic Resilience in 2023

Navigating through global uncertainties, international markets have positively influenced growth assets. Despite a modest year for Australian shares, the Reserve Bank of Australia implemented 13 interest rate increases in response to fast inflation. Property markets have embarked on a new growth cycle, and employment remains robust. Looking ahead to 2024, stability is expected, with support for moderate interest rates, long-term inflation settling, and both domestic and international markets moderating through the next growth cycle.

Supporting Personal Insurance Claims

In 2023, Insight Wealth Planning successfully supported $2.5 million worth of personal insurance claims. We recognise life’s unexpected challenges and remain committed to offering personalised financial planning solutions. This Christmas, we encourage reflection on personal well-being and strategies to support loved ones, especially in challenging times where insurance plays a crucial role.

Market Trends and Investment Strategies

Adapting to shifts in market trends, Insight Wealth Planning remains vigilant in monitoring and offering informed advice. Our robust investment process is designed to navigate quickly changing market conditions, leveraging strategies to benefit from emotional investor behaviour while guiding clients on prudent actions for their investment timelines.

Community Engagement and Giving Back

Embracing the spirit of giving, Insight Wealth Planning is proud to engage in local initiatives and charitable endeavors. This year, our support extended to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital, rallying gifts from businesses we work with to benefit volunteers and families. We appreciate the contributions of TAL insurance, Binarri Property, Australian Property Finance, Solution Hub Bookkeeping, Diverger, NEOS, Netwealth, Hub 24, and others who joined our efforts.

Financial Literacy Initiatives

Committed to empowering our clients, Insight Wealth Planning continued its financial literacy initiatives. Collaborating with major employer groups, we presented financial planning and investment concepts to enhance staff well-being in the Hunter Valley. Throughout the year, we hosted events and seminars, focusing on economic updates, property insights, and community-oriented initiatives.

Closing for the Year

Our office will close on December 22nd, 2023, at midday, and reopen on January 8th, 2024, at 9 am. Appointments for the new year can be scheduled via our website:

In conclusion, as we celebrate this joyous season, Insight Wealth Planning expresses gratitude to our clients for entrusting us with their financial goals. May Christmas be a time of reflection, celebration, and thoughtful financial planning. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at Insight Wealth Planning!