Will I be paid at claim time?

We deal with a lot of insurance, and know that the main difference between providers comes down to a single question.

A lot depends on you.

Did you choose an insurer that asked you medical questions at the beginning when you applied?

Did you disclose your full health history in your applications?

Medical questions at the beginning are a good sign, The insurance company is taking a family photo of their client at the beginning of the process and assessing all your health history at the beginning. By doing it then, and not a claim time, you are not going to be grilled on your health history when you are in the middle of a crises and considering a claim.

portraitAll insurers have a perfect or standard client, What does your portrait look like?

The perfect client, what is that?

Imagine that’s a box where the cost of insurance is perfectly outlined on the quote you got.

If you are luck and have a blemish free health history and family health history, personal hobbies are pretty much standard with no special stories, you probably fit in the standard premium box. So your policy cost will be as per your quote.

If you have a health condition that warrants an adjustment in your premium you might be offered a loading. It’s usually an extra amount of premium in addition to the standard cost based on a percentage , 50% – 75% or 100%.

If you participate in a risky sport or have a previous health issue you might be offered standard rates with a sport exclusion or a body part exclusion eg. Right ankle exclusion due to a broken ankle years ago. You are still covered for every other part of your body and lifestyle.

If you have experienced especially poor health, you may be declined for insurance at the moment, We can find out if this opinion is temporary and possibly even look at your existing cover to see if there are any options.

The trick is, start talking to an adviser at Insight to work it out for you.

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