Take a Break From Your Business


When you have a quiet moment what do you do? Do you grab your smart phone or tablet and check Facebook, your emails, or send a text?  In fact, when was the last time you just laid on the grass and looked at the clouds, or deliberately left your phone at home and went for a walk or a coffee?

Our world is one of constant stimulation and the mere pleasure of stopping and allowing ourselves to just be, is a rarity for most business owners. Cast your mind back to the last time you took a weekend off or some time out and really switched off – did you come back to your business with a new lease on life, perhaps some fresh ideas or perspective?

The time you take out of your business to rest and rejuvenate is extremely important to being able to sustain your business mojo.

In addition whilst most business owners are great at working long hours in their business very few schedule time to work on their business or allow themselves time to mull over business strategies, concerns or issues.

So what’s the answer?

Ideally you would be planning your holidays and time off to relax ahead of time, scheduling them into your diary just like all of your other important appointments and activities.  It’s important not to wait until you burn out before taking a break.

The same also applies to time to work on your business, allocate time in your diary in a way that works for you. Some business owners prefer to work a little on their business each day perhaps an hour each morning before the business day starts, while others prefer to work in blocks of time from several hours at a time so they can really focus, whilst others plan several days out to work on their strategic planning often including key team members in this activity.

The key as with any good business strategy is to plan ahead and chose the right combination of work, rest and planning for you and your business. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in both your business results and your own energy and enthusiasm for your business.



Article provided by Lenore Miller from Your Business Mojo

Lenore Miller is a new breed of business consulting professional. She is a best-selling author and professional speaker who has supported many people with growing their own successful enterprises.



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