Investment Phishing Alert – Vanguard Warning

Vanguard is aware of a current phishing campaign targeting people online and purporting to be an investment offer from Vanguard. The scam involves the use of a fraudulent investment comparison website called Investmentcompare(.)com(.)au to collect personal information including identification and bank details, followed by in-person contact and provision of a fake Vanguard prospectus designed to convince victims to purchase non-existent investment products. Please note that Vanguard’s IT security systems, client data and investments have not been compromised by this issue. Our priority is to alert those who may be targeted to warn them of the scam and assist those who have been impacted while our security and fraud team investigate the matter further.

You may also identify this fraudulent communication via email addresses and phone numbers that are not official contact details for Vanguard. All communications from Vanguard will come from the domain If you’re ever unsure, our official contact details can be found at

These scammers are sending emails and answering their phones impersonating Vanguard. Please note that Vanguard never sends email or text messages with clickable links asking you to verify or provide personal information such as your account or login details.

We advise investors to follow these steps if they suspect or have received contact by this scam or have shared any personal information:

  1. Contact Vanguard on 1300 655 101 or email at
  2. Contact local police if you have transferred any money across to a third-party account
  3. Alert major credit bureaus such as Equifax and Experian to place a block on your credit profile to stop others from opening accounts using your personal information.
  4. Advise your financial institution immediately to stop direct debit transactions if you have shared any banking details.