Help Those in Need While Saving on Tax

It’s nice to give back to our community and there are great tax benefits involved as well. Even if you’re like us, and you donate to or sponsor non-profits year round, a generous donation now could save you on tax if you’re near a threshold.

If you do make a donation and want to claim a deduction make sure your donation is tax deductible. Gifts or donations are only deductible when made to  an organization that is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Deductibility of school building funds depends on the payment being a voluntary donation.

See a complete list of the current Deductible Gift Recipient entities and funds here


  • Not Sure Who to Donate to?
  • Here are some of our favourite charities.

Beyond Blue

There aren’t many of us that haven’t had their lives effected by anxiety, depression or a related disorder. Whether it’s something you’ve experienced yourself or if you’ve seen friends, family or colleagues go through it. Beyond Blue is a non prophet organisation that aims to educate people about anxiety and depression, remove the stigma associated with it and encourage sufferers to seek help.



Sids and Kids

Every year over 3,500 families are effected by the sudden and unexpected death of a child. Sids and Kids works funds vital research into stillbirth, SIDS and safe sleeping habits with an aim to prevent these tragic deaths. They also help support and advocate bereaved families.

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World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is an independent conservation organisation that works to save endangered animals, ensure the use of sustainable resources and reduce pollution and wasteful consumption.




Unicef aims to release children from poverty. The organisation takes the approach of helping entire communities rather than just singling out children for sponsorship in order to break the poverty cycle.



The information in this document reflects our understanding of existing legislation, proposed legislation, rulings etc as at the date of issue. In some cases the information has been provided to us by third parties. While it is believed the information is accurate and reliable, this is not guaranteed in any way. Any advice in this publication is of a general nature only and has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal advice prior to acting on this information.