Have You Registered Your Pool?

If you have a swimming pool or spa in your backyard (or on any property you own in NSW), new laws come into effect this year that concern you. To ensure all pools comply with safety standards the state government requires pools to be registered and will conduct regular safety inspections.


Registering Your Pool

If you have a pool, portable or inflatable pool (greater than 300mm in depth) or spa on your property you are required to register your pool by 29th October 2013.  You can register online here: Swimming Pool Register



After October 29th 2013 the council will begin safety inspections for pool owners. There are also new regulations for fencing and surrounds for swimming pools. These regulations vary depending on the type of pool. Go here to find the checklist that applies to you.

From April 29th 2013, pool owners will be required to have a valid Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate before leasing or selling a property. This certificate is valid for three years and can be issued after an inspection. Initial inspections will cost $150 and any further inspections will cost $100.


For more information, see the government website


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