Do you know what you have?

Do you really know what you haveIn our experience, there are some tricks to changing things for the better.

Small changes, like reviewing your bank account, make sure it’s not costing you a fortune to use based upon the way that your spending pattern works now. Consolidate bank accounts, consolidate debt and pay it off regularly. Review your loans, and talk to someone that can structure your mortgage to suit the rhythm of your family budget now or at least be realistic about the time you plan to be off work, it’s often not as stressful when you have a plan (even if it is to spend and use reserves for a set period of time)

By analysing what you have, you can weigh up if what you have is still serving the purpose of what you need?

‘I’ve had this account since I was 16 and had my first job, is it still the best fit when I consider the way I am using it now’

Think bigger! When I originally got my credit card my intention was to pay it off every month. But then I took an overseas trip and carried a balance for a while and now there is a debt on it that I’m not paying off regularly.

We are able to help with things like taking a pause on premiums whilst you are on maternity leave if you already have insurances in place we can review them to make sure they cover your actual income now, not your income when you first took out your policy years ago.

We help you to take advantage of other tax initiatives and government initiatives like contributions to superannuation that can be matched by the government to help make up for the gap of employer contributions whilst you are leave.

We help families discuss complicated subjects like planning for the unexpected, whilst not always comfortable, at least with a plan and the right documents you have addressed it and can feel safe about the outcome in the future.

The key is to make time to help yourself. Book in an appointment to have some research undertaken and you might be surprised at what opportunities are available to you.

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