Consider Newcastle Before you Buy Your Next Property

As you know, the property market is ever-changing. During the recent property we have seen dramatic variations in the prices of properties in major cities, as well as our very own Newcastle.

Back in 2015 Property Solutions 101 created an article delving into the price differences between the Sydney and Newcastle real estate markets. It was incredibly popular and many people were fascinated to see what type of properties you could afford in the two locations. Fast forward to 2017 and we have followed up to see whether there were any major changes or differences between Newcastle and Sydney real estate market. Our previous comparisons piece was over 2 years ago and the real estate market in Newcastle has changed since then.

If you haven’t already been looking seriously at purchasing in Newcastle – it’s best you act now. Whether you are looking at an investment property or looking to upsize or downside, Newcastle has something to suit any particular budget. Our city now boasts an impressive airport, massive new infrastructure development and new transport options are currently underway within the city itself. Best of all, Newcastle can offer you more affordability and better rental returns on your property investment.

If you’re worried that you don’t know where the best areas are to buy in Newcastle? Where are the flood zones? Best schools in the area? Or perhaps how to correctly price a property and deal with an agent confidently? That’s were an experienced and knowledgeable local Newcastle buyer’s agent, like Property Solutions 101, will help you solve all these problems and often save you thousands of dollars and hours of time during the property purchase process.

So if you are considering buying property in Newcastle, rather than Sydney, you are on to a hot ticket! We have compiled some comparisons for you to give you an idea of the vast differences in prices as well as the distances to travel from each city.