Conference Flashback

We invest the time and money to go to conference each year, there is an amazing line up of specialist content for financial planners and in particular small businesses like us so that we can deliver a great job for our clients.

I particularly enjoyed the first 24 hours of conference when we heard from Dr Mark Brimble and Emmanuel Calligeris about the decision-making biases that effect clients when they are making investment decisions. Our past experiences have the power to really influence our current decisions. Concepts like Loss Aversion (being scared because of a previous loss) over confidence (following the crowd even when it sounds too good to be true.) In the context of the way that we invest your money as a client, it was really valuable to get behind the scenes on some of the Behavioural Economic themes that can influence great people to make money decisions, on sound principles of increasing your knowledge as a client, and helping you to stick with a quality strategy even when the news seems gloomy or overly optimistic.

Whistler and Vancouver are especially beautiful in the fall, we had an opportunity to hear from some of the local Vanguard investment team in North America. We met, Cybersecurity experts, some amazing speakers with excellent story telling abilities, discussing their adversity life events, like Warren McDonald, the Australian bushwalker that has survived a double amputation and gone onto climb many more mountains and kick some serious life goals.

We are delighted to win the Practice of the Year award for the third year, and to be acknowledged again in so many areas for our professionalism, leadership and amazing team. Click here to check out our wins and nominations.