A few minutes with … Carol Allan

This week we say hello and learn about Carol Allan, one of our Financial Planners.

Carol Allan

Role at Insight: Senior accountant

What you enjoy about your work?

I get real satisfaction from sharing information with my clients so that they make better informed decisions and get a better understanding of their tax affairs and investments. I love to hear people say that they understand for the first time, what they previously thought was a difficult concept.

What do you enjoy away from work?

I enjoy spending time with my boys, teaching them to drive, and doing new things with them on holiday. We’ve been snorkeling and white water rafting recently.

What is your personal passion?

I love renovating – making the most out of a property and fixing it’s defects. I love buying second hand furniture and homewares to give an old world feel – a time when things were made to last. I include the garden in this, it’s therapeutic spending time watching things grow.

Financial rule to live by: Put something aside for a rainy day – believe insurance works and don’t spend every cent now.

Personal rule to live by: Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow something you can do today.