We have some big plans for 2022


We are looking forward to 2022 together with you. COVID once again remains in our everyday vocabulary and continues to cause disruptions to the way we live, conduct business or socialise. Like most in the community, some of our team members have contracted COVID over the holidays and into 2022, we are managing isolation rules, working from home and others, working from office to continue to deliver the quality service to you. The year ahead for us looks bright, and are excited for what is to come. Sending everyone our wishes that you all stay safe as we still experience COVID and if it does affect your family directly that its mild and passes quickly. The new year is a great time to reset your intentions for the year and make plans.

We have some big plans for this year,

Markets wrapped up the year with a very robust recovery year, meaning that balances of investments across the board have benefited from a value increase in most situations, whilst interest rates have remained very low, the cost of living continues to increase, we are noticing this is a common theme with our clients, retirees are noticing an increase to the general cost of living, and wages haven’t had substantial increases for many of our employed clients for a while. We do anticipate interest rates becoming a more prevalent conversation in our upcoming market updates and review conversations with you.

The environment that we work in, (financial planning industry) is still undergoing significant changes, things like increased compliance requirements, changes to documents, the timing of some signature requirements, and continuing education and study requirements for advisers, these things are challenges for us, and have meant a lot of small changes in our business, and our processes. You may notice subtle changes to the look and feel of documents, these kinds of changes add pressure for small businesses, we are proud to be expanding our team and systems to grow through this. our team continues to build, meet our recent recruits, link to intro to Emma, Kat, Jenny.

We know that some big players have ceased providing financial planning for clients, such as Commonwealth Bank, or stopped taking on new clients, like ANZ. This means we are able to offer our services to more of those within our community and provide them Quality advice that will set them up for a financial future. We LOVE meeting new clients and helping them through this process. Tegan Del Moro, has been assisting many clients through the advice process, ensuing that that have a financial plan enables them to live a life stress free from financial worries, Tegan is Excited to assist any family members, friends and colleagues that may need the expertise of a financial adviser. Tegan is able to assist with any financial situation including, setting Strong foundations for super, implementing Wealth generation strategies including utilising equity within the home, preparing for pre- retirement or enacting a plan to retire.

We look forward to catching up with you for your next review and to living a life you love in 2022.

Tabitha Tworek