We all live in a changing financial climate

We all live in a changing financial climate, we are busy living life, from year to year we stay focused on the things that are in our personal range of view, work, kids, home life, money coming in, money going out, health, staying active, seeing the people we care about.

What we might not be keeping an eye is on the changing conditions around us, investment markets, tax rules, government policy, changes to depreciation rules for property, what’s happening with the Labour party and their opinion on franking credits?

For this reason, meeting with your adviser regularly is as much about checking on your progress for your strategy and the milestones you are aiming for, as it is about looking after the tweaks and changes and preparing you for the changes in the financial climate around you.

We are thinking about the impact of any proposed change to the franking credits system, and how it might impact your portfolio. We are ready to discuss this with you at your next review.

Your trusted adviser is thinking about the changing landscape of tax rules, and if you have had an investment property for many years, perhaps you have grown used to getting a sizeable refund due to a depreciation schedule, but this 2017/2018 financial year just wasn’t as beneficial as years gone by, we can explain the change in rules and how it applied to you and talk about where your strategy could be changed to meet your long term milestones.

One of the factsheets that explains the 2018/2019 budget announcements was published earlier in the year, it explains in plain language the major impacts of the latest budget announcements and what to think about. Find the 2018-2019 Budget Factsheet here.

Prioritise your review and opportunity to meet with your Financial Adviser to know that you are well situated to cope with and take advantage of the changing climate.