The Argument for Critical Illness Cover for Your Child


As the father of a beautiful five year old daughter (and an awesome 23 year old son), I try never to think of anything bad happening to either of them.

If my (dependent) daughter’s health did suffer, though, I know I would do anything it took to get her well and up and about again.

The financial consequences of our dependent children becoming seriously ill can be devastating.  One parent may have to stop working to provide care, annual holidays and luxuries may need to be cancelled and the family home may even have to be sold to cover the cost of medical treatment.

Child Critical Illness insurance can help provide financial relief if one of our kids gets seriously ill.

So what is it?

Basically, its an insurance policy that pays out if the child suffers from a critical illness that is specified in the insurance policy document.

Typical illnesses that may be covered include:

  •   Malignant cancer
  •   Benign brain tumour
  •   Heart attack
  •   Intensive care
  •   Organ or bone marrow transplant
  •   Heart valve surgery
  •   Coma
  •   Deafness
  •   and many others

As adults we often insure our physical assets such as cars and houses but have a tendency to overlook insuring our own lives.

Take the time to contact your financial adviser to discuss Child Critical Illness insurance as part of your families life insurance portfolio.  It will provide financial peace of mind in the event that the unthinkable happens.


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