ATO Crack Down on the ‘Cash Economy’

ATO Cash Economy Crack Down

The ATO is ramping up a strategy to clamp down on the ‘cash economy’. This strategy targets businesses that use cash in order to avoid paying taxes.

Primarily this includes:

    • – Paying employees ‘cash in hand’ and not withholding tax or superannuation contributions
    • – Skimming cash takings
    • – Running all or part of the business ‘off the books’
    • – Offering a discount for cash and not providing a receipt


The ATO has a number of methods to detect businesses operating in the cash economy. These include:

    • – Data matching – comparing your business records to external sources
    • – Small business benchmarks – comparing your business records to your industry and pinpointing businesses that show signs of participating in the cash economy
    • – Encouraging the public to report non-compliant businesses

The ATO is also implementing a support system to encourage businesses to be compliant. They are providing tools and information to help pay your tax. Check out this brochure from the ATO for more details: Small Business, Tax and the Cash Economy

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